Fair Trade on the free market?

In our modern world, it is without a doubt, the need for a free market economy and the supply chain. But in today’s world of a rapidly growing population, it is also important to intermediaries who receive products and services on the market in a principled manner, as much value is retained by the manufacturer as possible.

The reason is simple price gouging occurs between the producer and the consumer’s intermediary; they may require excessive profit margins or exploit producers poor working conditions. Fair Trade aims to create a more sustainable and fair trade along the supply chain between the parties.

Not all companies giant company conducting improper transactions. For example, Patagonia and Seventh Generation are trademarks which are based on socially responsible business practices. The main difference between companies like these and Fair Trade companies is Fair Trade certification is the end product is either hand-harvested or handmade, based in homes or in rural courses. This makes traditional craftsmanship or growing practices to continue to go on in the community.

Free Trade and Fair Trade both have their place in the world today. One can not go in search of fairly traded refrigerator because this type of product is not for the Fair Trade market. But as an enlightened consumer, may seek cooling is done by socially responsible companies. In the same vein, the consumer can choose to decide whether to buy the items available in fairly traded markets such as jewelry, crafts and clothing that support manufacturers or they can find similar products locally or socially responsible companies in the Free Trade market.

Wrapping mind about fair trade on the open market can be daunting. There are so many products available to us everywhere and anytime; how do we select those that support our faith and ethics? If you believe that manufacturers should have fair wages, safe work, no child labor and use environmentally friendly practices, the Fair Trade items are what you should look for. From fairly traded coffee and tea to crafts to decorate your home, there are a variety of products to choose from in the free market. All you need is available in a free trade economy, including Fair Trade items; It is your choice as a consumer to decide where you spend your money. The acquisition does make a difference.