Tools to Create morally Business

Each year, San Diego Better Business Bureau Torch Awards hosts, event “promote and encourage the highest ethical relationship between businesses and the public through voluntary self-control, consumer and business education.” Sounds great, right? What company would not agree on the importance of “moral relationships” and “voluntary self-regulation”? Probably very few. Yet many leave days on the calendar passed without taking time to reflect on these values ​​and take action.

Here are some practices that you can implement in order to align our business goals and values:

Regular team building

Conducting quarterly team building sessions aimed at improving not only our working relationship, but also applied skills everyday personal our lives. As an organization, relationship building is the core of the business and learn better communication strategies to address concerns about customer service ensures customers are satisfied not only with the end product, but also with the team performance.

Helping the community

It is not surprising that large companies tout community outreach those of their websites, blogs, and social media. Even Walmart hosts a special Twitter account called Walmart giving just sharing his volunteerism, fundraising and community participation of more than 8,500 US store locations it. Even if your business is small, it does not mean you can not make a difference in society. Find activities employees are already interested and involved in opportunities around the nonprofit.

Business transparency

Outside internal communication element to a successful business is the transparency with customers. As a marketing company, customers will approach you with a variety of needs; some require that “all-hands-on-deck” marketing approach while others are just looking for assistance to support an established policy or brand. Regardless, each company should be provided honest feedback in terms of solutions, timing and cost.

Continuous Improvement

The first two tips are helpful in getting the ball rolling, but without constant effort most workplace activities and events are just a flash in the pan. Without consistency, employees will not take future ideas seriously. If your employees do not have time to juggle many activities during the calendar year, think about combining the ideas. For example, there may be internal fundraiser for the office holiday party or a simple one-hour team building exercise is accomplished in a lunch break. Finding the right balance between available time and interest so fixed exercise price not timing pain.